Editors Jesús García Falset, Enrique Llorens Fuster, Brailey Sims 

Valencia SPAIN, 2003 ISBN 4-946552-13-8 Hardcover pp.292 US$135 ORDER

On oscillation of nonlinear delay equations of population dynamics
Leonid Berezansky, Elena Braverman & Lev Idels

Comparing Krasnoselskij and Mann iterative methods for Lipschitzian generalized pseudo-contractions
Vasile Berinde

A universal infinite-dimensional modulus with applications in Fixed Point Theory
Tomas Dominguez Benavides and Beatriz Gavira

Stability of the Fixed Point Property in M-Abstract Banach Lattices
Tomas Dominguez Benavides and M. Angeles Japon Pineda

A Survey on Nonexpansive Selections of Metric Projection
Rafael Espinola and Genaro Lopez

(r,k,l) -Somewhat uniformly noncreasy Banach spaces
Helga Fetter and Berta Gamboa de Buen

Strong convergence theorems by a hybrid method for nonexpansive mappings and inverse-strongly-monotone mappings
Hideaki Iiduka and Wataru Takahashi

Fixed point properties of some sets in l 1
Wieslawa Kaczor and Stanislaw Prus

Geodesic Geometry and Fixed Point Theory II
W.A. Kirk

Bounds on iterations of asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings
Ulrich Kohlenbach and Branimir Lambov

Some Geometrical Properties and Fixed Point Theorems in Modular Spaces
Poom Kumam

Some remarks concerning D-Metric Spaces
Zead Mustafa and Brailey Sims

The compact AR problem and related topics
Sehie Park

Multivalued Picard and weakly Picard operators
Adrian Petrusel and Ioan A. Rus

Invariant measures for generalized random dynamical systems
Arcady Ponosov and Eugene Stepanov

Generic existence of small invariant sets
Simeon Reich and Alexander J. Zaslavski

Relaxed Projections, Averaged Mappings and Image Recovery
Hong-Kun Xu

ISBN 4-946552-13-8  Editors Jesús García Falset, Enrique Llorens Fuster, Brailey Sims 
Hardcover pp.292 US$168.75
Published by Yokohama Publishers