Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis, Tokyo 2009


Sahar Mohamed Ali
Extension of some fixed point theorems of {a,b,c} type mappings in weakly Cauchy normed spaces
Alireza Amini-Harandi and Ali Farajzadeh
On generalized quasi-eigenvector problems
Koji Aoyama
An iterative method for a variational inequality problem over the common fixed point set of nonexpansive mappings
Yousuke Araya anda Tamaki Tanaka
On generalizing Cammaroto-Chinn\`i's theorem
S. Dhompongsa and W. Inthakon
Note on the (DL)-condition and the separability of Banach spaces
Takashi Honda and Wataru Takahashi
Nonlinear projections and orthogonal decompositions in Banach spaces
Mitsuhiro Hoshino and Yutaka Kimura
State preserving properties in self-organizing maps with inputs in an inner product space
Chaichana Jaiboon and Poom Kumam
A general modified three-step iteration methods for equilibrium problems and variational inequality problems
Toshiharu Kawasaki
Minimax theorem in a vector lattice
Kenji Kimura and Akira Shimizu
Minimal element theorems for set-optimizations
Kenji Kimura and Tamaki Tanaka
On saddle-point problems for set-valued functions
Yasunori Kimura
Shrinking projection methods and common zero point problems for a finite family of maximal monotone operators
Satoshi Kodama and Shigeo Akashi
Equidifferentiability of subsets of finitely differentiable function spaces
Naoto Komuro, Kichi-suke Saito and Ken-ichi Mitani
Extremal structure of absolute normalized norms on
|R2 II
Masamichi Kon
Fuzzy location problems with triangular norm: algorithm
Issei Kuwano, Tamaki Tanaka and Syuuji Yamada
Inherited properties of nonlinear scalarizing functions for set-valued maps
Anthony To-Ming Lau
Approximation of fixed points for amenable semigroups of nonexpansive mappings and strongly regular nets
Yukihiro Maruyama
Strong representation of a discrete decision process by recursive bitone sequential decision processes
Koichiro Naito
Entropy and recurrent dimensions of discrete orbits given by almost periodic sequences
Kazuhide Nakajo and Wataru Takahashi
On strong convergence by the improved hybrid method for families of mappings in Hilbert spaces
Tohru Nakamura, Yoshihiro Ueda and Shuichi Kawashima
Convergence rate toward degenerate stationary wave for compressible viscous gases
Masato Nakanishi and Tomonari Suzuki
A fixed point theorem for some Kannan-type set-valued mappings
Yasushi Narushima, Kaori Sugiki and Hiroshi Yabe
Three-term conjugate gradient methods based on secant conditions for unconstrained optimization
Hideho Ogasawara, Yasushi Narushima and Nobuko Sagara
Convergence properties of a new smoothing Newton method for second-order cone complementarity problems
Sehie Park
Some equilibrium problems in KKM spaces
Simeon Reich and Alexander J. Zaslavski
Iterative schemes for set-valued mappings
Jun-ichi Sato
A game theoretical meaning of unstable stationary points for the replicator dynamics
Satoshi Suzuki and Daishi Kuroiwa
Observations of closed cone constraint qualification for quasiconvex programming
Tomonari Suzuki
Wittmann's convergence theorem for nonexpansive mappings
Wataru Takahashi
Resolvents, nonlinear operators and strong convergence theorems in Banach spaces
Keiji Tatsumi and Tetsuzo Tanino
Perturbation based chaotic generator for metaheuristic methods of solving global optimization
Sornsak Thianwan
A general iterative algorithm for finding common solutions of equilibrium problems, variational inequality problems and fixed point problems in a Hilbert space
Kriengsak Wattanawitoon and Poom Kumam
Strong convergence of a modified proximal-point algorithm for maximal monotone operators
Syuuji Yamada, Tamaki Tanaka and Tetsuzo Tanino
Outer approximation methods incorporating Lipschitz optimization techniques for solving a dc programming problem

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