Banach and Function Spaces III

Editors M. Kato, L. Maligranda, T. Suzuki


Plenary Lectures
Sergey Astashkin and Konstantin Lykov
Extrapolation description of rearrangement invariant spaces and related problems
Bernd Carl
s-numbers and eigenvalues
Fernando Cobos
Old and new results on interpolation methods associated to polygons
Patrick N. Dowling
Coordinatewise star-shaped sets in some sequence spaces and the fixed point property
Lech Maligranda
Hidegoro Nakano (1909-1974)-on the centenary of his birth
Akihiko Miyachi
Some properties of the weighted Hardy spaces on a domain
Eiichi Nakai
Orlicz-Morrey spaces and their preduals
Witold Wnuk
On significant contribution of Japanese mathematicians to the Riesz spaces theory
Invited Lectures
Masato Kikuchi
On Doob type inequalities in Banach function spaces
Naoto Komuro, Kichi-Suke Saito and Ken-Ichi Mitani
Extremal structure of absolute normalized norms on R2 III
Yasuji Takahashi and Mikio Kato
On the inequality CNJ (X ) ≤ J(X )
Kenjiro Yanagi
Some inequalities of generalized Wigner-Yanase skew informations
Contributed Talks
Aoi Honda, Yoshiaki Okazaki and Hiroshi Sato
A new sequence space defined by an L2-function
Yoshihiro Mizuta, Eiichi Nakai, Takao Ohno and Tetsu Shimomura
Sobolev’s inequality for Riesz potentials in Orlicz-Musielak spaces of variable exponent
Tomoyoshi Ohwada, Kosuke Mineno and Yuka Nakamura
On an extension of the sharp triangle inequality
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