Volume 17, Number 12, 2016

Open Manuel Ruiz Galán
The Gordan theorem and its implications for minimax theory
Open Hemant Kumar Nashine and Zoran Kadelburg
Fixed point results for set-valued cyclic operators under implicit relations and applications
Open Hassen Aydi
α-implicit contractive pair of mappings on quasi b-metric spaces and an application to integral equations
Mircea Balaj, Lai-Jiu Lin and Sheng-Fan Yang
Existence theorems of solutions for several variational relation problems
Open Jarosł aw Górnicki
Fixed point theorems for multi-valued uniformly Lipschitzian mappings in Banach and metric spaces
Open A. Latif, J. Vahidi and M. Eslamian
Iterative methods for Ky Fan inequalities and family of quasi-nonexpansive mappings
Open M. Fakhar, M. Lotfipour and J. Zafarani
Generalized vector quasiequilibrium problems and their well-posedness
Open Lin Li
Existence of solutions for some non-local fractional p-Laplacian elliptic problems with parameter

Open A. S. Alofi, Saud M. Alsulami and Wataru Takahashi
A strong convergence theorem by the hybrid method for finite families of nonlinear and nonself mappings in a Hilbert space
Dinu Teodorescu
Hyers-Ulam stability of a semilinear operator in a Hilbert space
Open Ravi P. Agarwal, Aris Aghanians Kamal Fallahi and Kourosh Nourouzi
Coincidence point theorems for E-(ψ,φ)- and E-φ-weak contractions in partially ordered uniform spaces

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