Volume 17, Number 6, 2016

Special Issue on Fixed Point Thoery and its Applications
Istanbul, 2015
  T. Domínguez Benavides, Kazimerz Goebel, Erdal Karapınar, Adrian Petruşel, Brailey Sims (eds.)
   Number 7
Open Wataru Takahashi
The split common fixed point problem and strong convegence theorems by hybrid methods in two Banach spaces
Open Theo Bendit and Brailey Sims
The structure of the normed lattice generated by the closed, bounded, convex subsets of a normed space
Open Abdul Rahim Khan and Sami Atif Shukri
Best proximity points in the Hilbert ball
Open Ümıt Aksoy, Erdal Karapınar and İncı M. Erhan
Fixed points of generalized α-admissible contractions on b-metric spaces with an application to boundary value problems
Open Adrian Magdaş
A fixed point theorem for Ćirić type multivalued operators satisfying a cyclical condition
Open Moosa Gabeleh and Olivier Olela Otafudu
Generalized pointwise noncyclic relatively nonexpansive mappings in strictly convex Banach spaces
Open Haydar Akça, Valéry Covachev and Zlatinka Covacheva
Existence theorem for a second-order impulsive functional-differential equation with a nonlocal condition

Open Giniswamy, P. G. Maheshwar and C. Jeyanthi
Fixed points on hybrid contractive conditions in partially ordered metric space
Open Mehdi Asadi
On Ekeland's variational principle in M-metric spaces
Open Hafiz Fukhar-Ud-Din
Fixed point iterations in hyperbolic spaces
Open Aurelian Cernea
On the solution set of a nonconvex nonclosed hyperbolic differential inclusion of third order
Open Felicia Obiageli Isiogugu, Paranjothi Pillay and Dharmanand Baboolal
Approximation of a common element of the set of fixed points of multi-valued type-one demicontractive-type mappings and the set of solutions of an equilibrium problem in Hilbert spaces
Open İncı M. Erhan and Mehmet Kır
On a generalized α-admissible rational type contractive mapping
Open Monika Budzyńska, Tadeusz Kuczumow and Simeon Reich
The Wolff-Denjoy iteration property in complex Banach spaces
MonFahimeh Mirdamadi
Best proximity point results for set-valued maps in metric spaces
Maggie Aphane and Seithuti Philemon Moshokoa
On partial metric type structures and Lipschitzian mappings
Open Asuman Güven Aksoy and Zair Ibragimov
Convexity of the Urysohn universal space
   Number 7

    The 10th Anniversary Conference on
Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis
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