Volume 18, Number 3, 2017

Scott B. Lindstrom, Brailey Sims and Matthew P. Skerritt
Computing intersections of implicitly specified plane curves
A. Amini-Harandi, M. Fakhar and H. R. Hajisharifi
P-property and best proximity pair theorems1
Antonino Maugeri and Daniele Puglisi
On nonlinear strong duality and the infinite dimensional Lagrange Multiplier rule
Javad Balooee and Yeol Je Cho
Projection techniques and extended general regularized nonconvex set-valued variational inequalities
Open Veronica Ana Ilea and Diana Otrocol
An application of the Picard operator technique to functional integral equations
Open Truong Xuan Duc Ha and Johannes Jahn
Properties of Bishop-Phelps cones
Open Touraj Nikazad and Mahdi Mirzapour
Generalized relaxation of string averaging operators based on strictly relaxed cutter operators
Open Debmalya Sain, Kallol Paul and Anubhab Ray
Farthest point problem and M-compact sets
Open Antonella Nastasi and Pasquale Vetro
Weak multi-valued contractions in metric spaces
Open Fei Li and Xinmin Yang
Characterizations of properly quasiconvex set-valued maps
Open B. Djafari Rouhani and Sirous Moradi
A fixed point theorem with applications to Banach operator pairs and systems of equations and integral equations
Javad Balooee and Yeol Je Cho
Auxiliary principle techniques and modified predictor-corrector iterative algorithms for solving general regularized nonconvex variational inequalities
Open Miháy Bessenyei and Zsolt Páles
A contraction principle in semimetric spaces

Liping Yuan and Tudor Zamfirescu
Selfishness of convex bodies
Open Jerzy Moty
Carathéodory-convex selections of multifunctions and their applications

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