Volume 22, Number 4, 2021

Special Issue Dedicatedto Prof. ANTHONY TO-MING LAU


Open Wataru Takahashi
A weak convergence theorem for solving the split common fixed point problem in two Banach spaces and applications

Open Marjan Aliyari, Moosa Gabeleh and Erdal Karapınar
Mann and Ishikawa iterative processes for cyclic relatively nonexpansive mappings in uniformly convex Banach spaces

Open Panadda Thongpaen, Suthep Suantai and Warunun Inthakon
Strong convergence theorems for common attractive points of widely more generalized hybrid mappings in Hilbert spaces

Open Muhammad Sirajo Abdullahi, Isah Abor Garba, Poom Kumam and Kanokwan Sitthithakerngkiet
Fixed point theorems for some generalized contractive maps in b-metric spaces

  Panisa Lohawech and Anchalee Kaewcharoen
Weak convergence theorems for the variational inequality problems and applications

Open Hamid Reza Moradi, Shigeru Furuichi and Mohammed Sababheh
A sharper bound for the Jensen's operator inequality

Open Maryam Yazdi and Saeed Hashemi Sababe
A new extragradient method for equilibrium, split feasibility and fixed point problems

Jinping Zhang, Itaru Mitoma and Yoshiaki Okazaki
Submartingale property of set-valued stochastic integration associated with Poisson process and related integral equations on Banach spaces

Touraj Nikazad and Mahdi Mirzapour
A string averaging method based on strictly quasi-nonexpansive operators with generalized relaxation

Open Xiaohong Guan
Non-existence of positive solutions of weighted Lane-Emden system

Open Jong Kyu Kim, Samir Dashputre, Padmavati and Kavita Sakure
Convergence results for generalized nonexpansive multivalued mapping in hyperbolic spaces via SP iteration process

  Miaomiao Cai and Fengquan Li
Qualitative properties of solutions to some Hardy and Hénon type problems involving the fractional p-Laplacian

Bui Ngoc Muoi and Ngai-Ching Wong
Bregman nonexpansive type actions of semitopological semigroups

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