Memory of Prof. Hang-Chin Lai
Open Andreas H. Hamel, Frank Heyde and Daniela Visetti
The inf-translation for solving set minimization problems

Open Feng Qi
Determinantal expressions and recursive relations of Delannoy polynomials and generalized Fibonacci polynomials

Open Xi Tao and Hong-Kun Xu
An iterative method for a nonlinear equation governed by accretive nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces

Open Satoshi Suzuki
Linear programming relaxation for quasiconvex programming

  Jae Hyoung Lee and Liguo Jiao
Robust multi-objective optimization with SOS-convex polynomials over a polynomial matrix inequality

Open Sangho Kum and Hosoo Lee
A remark on multi-dimensional Ando-Hiai log majorization on symmetric cones

Open Moon Hee Kim, Gwi Soo Kim and Gue Myung Lee
On semidefinite linear fractional optimization problems

Bui Van Dinh, Yusuf I. Suleiman and Bashir Ali
A parallel extragradient subgradient algorithm for finding a solution of bilevel system of pseudomonotone variational inequalities

Panatda Boonman, Lam Quoc Anh and Rabian Wangkeeree
Levitin-Polyak well-posedness by perturbations of strong vector mixed quasivariational inequality problems

Open Qamrul Hasan Ansari, Nasir Hussain and Pradeep Kumar Sharma
Levitin-Polyak well-posedness for set optimization problems

Open Chih-Sheng Chuang
Reflected self-adaptive algorithms for the split variational inclusion problems with applications

Wei-Shih Du
Minimization of functionals with adjustability quasiconvexity and its applications to eigenvector problem and fixed point theory

Liya Liu, Xiaolong Qin and Lin Wang
On fixed point problems of countable Bregman quasi-nonexpansive mappings in reflexive Banach spaces


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