Volume 23, Number 9, 2022

Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems

Preface: Guest Editors Gautam Srivastava, Hari Mohan Srivastava , Jen-Chih Yao

Open Bo Sun, Lei Wu and Ming Wei
Analysis of five factors influencing road traffic accident occurrence in China (1990-2018) by the vector autoregressive and vector error correction models

Open Xun Han, Huan He, Xianjing Huang and Jianjun Li
``Leakage'' or ``Rent Seeking''-Identification of motivation of non-financial enterprises' shadow banking activities

Open Sheng Gao, Huihui Sun and Wei Liu
Vulnerability audit evaluation of marine economic system in Jiangsu province, China based on projection pursuit clustering model

Open Jun Xu, Fen Hu, Wenqiang Zhu
Entropy of triangular intuitionistic fuzzy sets based on distance and its relationship with similarity

  Peng Lu and Yayi Yan
The life cycle, energy process, and big data prediction of online collective actions

Open Shuhui Zhou, Siyang Gao, Bangcheng Zhang, Yifei Jiang and Zhedong Xie
Studies on fuzzy PID control method based on improved variational threshold

Open Yiqin Bao, Weiwei Chen, Haoyuan Zhou, Qiang Zhao and Hao Zheng
Parallel system of data acquisition and image recognition and the voting method of image recognition for callback electric meters

Peng Lu, Yang Cao, Guoliang Zou, Zhenhua Wang and Zongsheng Zheng
An improved atss algorithm based on corner and center points and its application for object detection in complex scenes

Hui Wang
Farmers' credit evaluation based on the fuzzy control model evidence from Shaanxi province, China

Open Wei Zhao, Zhizhong Li, Haitao Zhang, Dan Wang and Yuan Yuan
Nonlinear Volterra filter method for mixed noise reduction in rotate-speed with kernel parameters optimized based on Bat algorithm

Open Yu-Pei Zhang and Zhi-Jin Zhao
Semi-supervised deep learning using pseudo labels for spectrum sensing

  Yan Peng, HuiMin Wu, Lei Wang and Jie Wang
Fake news detection based on multi-feature fusion under attention guidance

  Xiaolin Zhu
A novel algorithm for fast mining frequent patterns based on support list structure

  Chulei Xiang, Minglei Hu, Yang Du, Renzhe Zheng, Jiale Gao, Chao Wang, Nengfeng Zou, Jun Jiao and Lichuan Gu
Pork price forecasting based on public opinion and policy impact

Bo Feng, Zhipeng Hui, Junwen Feng
A more generalized conjugate function theory and possible applications involving two family functions

  Xiaoxia Wang, Jiangtao Xi and Fengbao Yang
A new method of fusion ghost imaging based on multi-scale speckle pattern

  Hua Yuan and Jiang tao Xi
An optimization method of compressive computational ghost imaging based on multi-scale decomposition and fusion

  Yanyan Zhang and Bin Gao
Does foreign direct investment aggravate China's air pollution?--Based on partial differential effect decomposition

  Hai-Bo Liu, Xiao-Ming Ye, Jia-Bao Liu and Shi-Jun Ding
Mathematical concepts of numerical value and variable in the interpretation of measurement theory

Cui Shi, Qinghua Meng and Mingshuo Nie
A feasible arrhythmia classification algorithm based on transformer model

Lanyong Zhang, Menglin Wang and Hongfang Sun
Edge intelligent epidemic control system based on visual internet of things

  Peipei Wang and Fuyong Xu
Emotional dialogue systems with sensitive discriminator and gating mechanism

  Lei Zhang, Yijuan Chen and Xiaopeng Yang
Range of fluctuation for a given solution in a P2P educational information resource sharing system

  Huaiwen He, Zhihao Li, Tongyu Wu and Huimin Huang
A deep generative model with logistic bound theorem for collaborative filtering recommendation

   Pub. 31 AUG.

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