Volume 2, Number 2, 2016

  Special Issue on ISBFS2015
  Preface: Mikio Kato, Lech Maligranda and Tomonari Suzuki
Gilles Godefroy
Convex combinations of measurable functions and axioms of set theory
Wayne Grey and Gord Sinnamon
Product operators on mixed norm spaces
Wei-Shih Du
New existence results of best proximity points and fixed points for MTλ-functions with applications to differential equations
Denny Ivanal Hakim and Yoshihiro Sawano
A note on the complex interpolation of Morrey spaces
Hayato Nakagawa and Noriaki Suzuki
Boundedness of Toeplitz operators on parabolic Hardy spaces
Shuichi Sato
Square functions related to integral of Marcinkiewicz and Sobolev spaces
Yasunori Kimura and Hideyuki Wada
Iterative methods for nonexpansive mappings on Hadamard spaces and their coefficient conditions
Kenjiro Yanagi
Generalized trace inequalities related to fidelity and trace distance
Tomonari Suzuki
Another generalization of Edelstein's fixed point theorem in generalized metric spaces
Jun Kawabe
The monotone convergence theorems for nonlinear integrals on a topological space in generalized metric spaces
Takanori Ibaraki and Yasunori Kimura
Approximation of a fixed point of generalized firmly nonexpansive mappings with nonsummable errors

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