Volume 3, Number 1, 2017

  Special Issue on ISBFS2015
Wataru Takahashi
Mann and Halpern iterations for the split common fixed point problem in Banach spaces
David Yost
Linear extension mappings 2
Eiichi Nakai
Pointwise multipliers on several function spaces - a survey -
Mayumi Hojo and Wataru Takahashi
Fixed point and weak convergence theorems for monlinear hybrid mappings in Banach spaces
Fumiaki Kohsaka and Tomonari Suzuki
Existence and approximation of fixed points of Chatterjea mappings with Bregman distances
Takayuki Tamura
On Dominguez-Benavides coefficient of ψ-direct sums (X1⊕⋅⋅⋅ ⊕ XN)_ψ of Banach spaces
Osamu Hatori, Shiho Oi and Hiroyuki Takagi
Peculiar homomorphisms on algebras of vector-valued continuously differentiable maps
Misako Kikkawa and Tomonari Suzuki
Fixed point theorems for Ćirić type contractions and others in complete metric spaces
Yuto Ogata, Yutaka Saito, Tamaki Tanaka and Syuuji Yamada
Sublinear scalarization methods for sets with respect to set-relations
Yasunori Kimura and Fumiaki Kohsaka
The proximal point algorithm in geodesic spaces with curvature bounded above

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