Volume 6, Number 3, 2020

Jong Kyu Kim, Salahuddin and Won Hee Lim
Solutions of general variational inequality problems in Banach spaces

Chen-Han Lee, Chu-Chin Hu and Jein-Shan Chen
Using invertible functions to construct NCP functions

Jong Soo Jung
Convergence under some conditions of a general iterative algorithm for continuous pseudocontractive mappings

Narin Petrot and Montira Suwannaprapa
Inertial viscosity-type algorithms for a class of split feasibility problems and fixed point problems in Hilbert spaces

Chien-Hua Wang, Chia-Hsuan Yeh and Chin-Tzong Pang
Evaluating the service quality of domestic airlines under an intuitionistic fuzzy sets environment

Atsumasa Kondo and Wataru Takahashi
Strong convergence theorems to common attractive points of normally 2-generalized hybrid mappings and an application

Gwi Soo Kim, Moon Hee Kim and Gue Myung Lee
On duality theorems for linear fractional optimization problems involving integral functions

Meriem Aissous, Florent Nacry and Vo Anh Thuong Nguyen
First and second order state-dependent bounded subsmooth sweeping processes

Wataru Takahashi
A strong convergence theorem for solving the split common fixed point problem in two Banach spaces and applications



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