Volume 2, Number 1, 2017


Special Issue on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization dedicated to Professor Alexander Rubinov, Part I.

Preface: Preface: Adil Baghirov, Regina Burachik and Alexander J. Zaslavski

Monica Bianchi, Igor Konnov and Rita Pini
Barrier methods for equilibrium problems

Guy Cohen and Michael Lin
Double coboundaries for commuting contractions

Vladimir P. Fonf and Clemente Zanco
An algebraic property of the boundaries of Banach spaces

Sorin-Mihai Grad, Gert Wanka and Oleg Wilfer
Duality and ε-optimality conditions for multi-composed optimization problems with applications to fractional and entropy optimization

Jerzy Grzybowski, Diethard Pallaschke and Ryszard Urbanski
Ordered location problems

Yaohua Hu, Xiaoqi Yang and Carisa Kwok Wai Yu
Subgradient methods for saddle point problems of quasiconvex optimization

Refail Kasimbeyli and Emre Alper Yildirim
Optimality conditions in nonconvex and nonsmooth optimization revisited

S. S. Kutateladze
Analysis of convex isoperimetric type problems

Elijah Liflyand
Asymptotic behavior of the Fourier transform of a function with derivative in a Hardy space

Amos Uderzo
On a set-covering property of multivalued mappings

Alexander J. Zaslavski
Bolza optimal control problems with linear equations and nonconvex integrands on large intervals

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