Volume 2, Number 2, 2017


Special Issue on Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization dedicated to Professor Alexander Rubinov, Part II.

Preface: Preface: Adil Baghirov, Regina Burachik and Alexander J. Zaslavski

Wolfgang Achtziger, Robert Baier, Elza Farkhi and Vera Roshchina
Exact penalty and Lagrange duality via the directed subdifferential

Omer Friedland and Yosef Yomdin
Doubling coverings of algebraic hypersurfaces

Aviv Gibali
A new split inverse problem and an application to least intensity feasible solutions

Valery Y. Glizer
Dependence on parameter of the solution to an infinite horizon linear-quadratic optimal control problem for systems with state delays

S. Kannan, S. Samar Ali, O. Nazarenko and G. Wilhelm Weber
Stochastic processing time modelling in manufacturing

Akhtar A. Khan, Behnam Soleimani and Christiane Tammer
Second-order optimality conditions in set-valued optimization with variable ordering structure

M. Ali Khan and Nobusumi Sagara
Fatou's lemma, Galerkin approximations and the existence of Walrasian equilibria in infinite dimensions

Toru Maruyama
A note on variational problems via theory of young measures

Roman A. Polyak
Exterior distance function

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