Volume 6, Number 3, 2021


Special issue on 30 years of Extrapolation

Preface: Sergey Astashkin, Mario Milman

Irshaad Ahmed and Fakhra Umar
Some interpolation formulae for limiting approximation spaces

Sergey V. Astashkin and Konstantin V. Lykov
Extrapolation description of limiting interpolation J-spaces

Odysseas Bakas
Extrapolation on Hardy spaces and applications

Evgenii I. Berezhnoĭ
Exact calculation of the sum and intersection of approximation spaces

Álvaro Corvalán and Mario Milman
Reverse Hölder inequalites revisited: interpolation, extrapolation, indices and doubling

Luigi D'Onofrio, Carlo Sbordone and Roberta Schiattarella
Atomic decomposition in small Lebesgue space

Amiran Gogatishvili
On the stability of the Lions-Peetre method of real interpolation with functional parameter

Konstantin V. Lykov, Fedor A. Sukochev, Kanat S. Tulenov and Alexandr S. Usachev
On the Optimal pairs of symmetric spaces for the Calderón type operators

Sergey Astashkin and Mario Milman
Extrapolation: Stories and problems

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