Volume 7, Number 1, 2022


Special Issue on Operator Theory, PDE and Applications
Dedicated to the memory of Professor Ciprian Foias

Preface: Michael Jolly, Simeon Reich and Alexander J. Zaslavskii

Damir Z. Arov and Harry Dym
Two classes of de Branges spaces that are really one

P. Barbe, A. Cicone, W. S. Li and H. Zhou
Time-frequency representation of nonstationary signals: the IMFogram

Hari Bercovici, Alexandru Nica and Ping Zhong
Series of free R-diagonal random variables

Michiel Bertsch, Josephus Hulshof and V. M. Prostokishin
Saturation of turbulent flow by suspended particles: a mathematical model

Animikh Biswas and Joshua Hudson
Space and time analyticity for inviscid equations of fluid dynamics

Yu Cao, Michael S. Jolly and Edriss S. Titi
A determining form for the 2D Rayleigh-Bénard problem

Yongxin Chen, Tryphon T. Georgiou and Allen R. Tannenbaum
Probabilistic kernel support vector machines

Alexey Cheskidov, Eric Olson and Beau Smith
The computation of wandering points on the global attractor by means of symmetry-breaking perturbations

Peter Constantin, Mihaela Ignatova and Fizay-Noah Lee
Nernst-Planck-Navier-Stokes systems near equilibrium

Radu Dascaliuc and Sarah Hagen
Spectral structure of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations with constant energy and enstrophy

Charles R. Doering and Andrew N. McMillan
Optimal time averages in non-autonomous nonlinear dynamical systems

A. E. Frazho, M. A. Kaashoek and F. van Schagen
Toeplitz operators from a higher point of view: contraction-structured operators

Zoran Grujić
Toward criticality of the Navier-Stokes regularity problem

Igor Kukavica, Vlad Vicol and Fei Wang
Remarks on the inviscid limit problem for the Navier-Stokes equations

Arkady Poliakovsky
A variational approach to the Navier-Stokes equations

Ricardo M. S. Rosa and Roger M. Temam
Optimal minimax bounds for time and ensemble averages for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations

Krutika Tawri and Roger Temam
Hilbertian approximation of monotone operators

Florian-Horia Vasilescu
Spectrum and analytic functional calculus in real and quaternionic frameworks

Dan-Virgil Voiculescu
Some results and a K-theory problem about threshold commutants mod normed ideals

Alexander J. Zaslavski
Turnpike properties for discrete-time optimal control problems with a Lyapunov function

Lászó Zsidó
A negative minimum modulus theorem and surjectivity of ultradifferential operators

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