Volume 10, Number 1, January 2014


Special Issue of Sino-German Workshop on Optimization, Modeling, Methods and Applications in Industry and Management
Words from the guest editors:  Yu-Hong Dai, Thorsten Koch, Bingsheng He
T. Arnold, R. Henrion, A. Möller and S.Vigerske
A mixed-integer stochastic nonlinear optimization problem with joint probabilistic constraints
Xiaodi Bai, Xiaojin Zheng, Xueting Cui and Xiaoling Sun
A successive convex approximation approach for sparse solutions of convex programs

Li Dong, Bo Yu and Zhengyong Zhou
A constraint shifting spline smoothing homotopy method for general nonlinear programming

Bo Jiang, Chunfeng Cui and Yu-Hong Dai
Unconstrained optimization models for computing several extreme eigenpairs of real symmetric matrices
Lingchen Kong, Jie Sun and Naihua Xiu
S-semigoodness for low-rank semidefinite matrix recovery
Cai-Xia Kou, Wen-Hui Zhang, Wen-Bao Ai and Ya-Feng Liu
On the use of Powell's restart strategy to conjugate gradient methods
Fenglian Li and Yiran He
Solvability of a perturbed variational inequality
Yin-dong Shen and Shi-jun Chen
A column generation algorithm for crew scheduling with multiple additional constraints
Yiju Wang, Liqun Qi, Shunlong Luo and Yi Xu
An alternative steepest direction method for the optimization in evaluating geometric discord
Zhou-Hong Wang, Xiaodong Ding and Yang Yang
Some new identification functions for active constraints in nonlinear programming
Fengmin Xu , Guan Wang and Yuelin Gao
Nonconvex L
1/2 regularization for sparse portfolio selection
H. Yang, D. Zhang, K. Meng, Z.Y. Dong and M. Lai
Multi-network combined cooling heating and power system scheduling considering emission trading
Yanfei You, Xiaoling Fu and Bingsheng He
Lagrangian-PPA based contraction methods for linearly constrained convex optimization
Gaohang Yu, Jianlei Yan and Yi Zhou
LA projected conjugate gradient method for sparse reconstruction with applications to compressed sensing
Regular Papers
M. Fatemi and N. Mahdavi-Amiri
A projected gradient filter trust-region algorithm for bound constrained optimization
Murat Subaşi and Sídíka Şule Şener
Optimal boundary control for a Schrödinger equation

Pub. January 28, 2014

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