Volume 12, Number 1, January 2016


Hidetoshi Komiya and Wataru Takahashi
Strongly convergence theorems by shrinking projection methods for generalized split feasibility problems in Hilbert spaces
Jein-Shan Chen, Chun-Hsu Ko and Xiao-Ren Wu
What is the generalization of natural residual function for NCP?

V. Jeyakumar, G. M. Lee and J. H. Lee
Sums of squares characterizations of containment of convex semialgebraic sets

Shogo Kobayashi, Yutaka Saito and Tamaki Tanaka
Convexity for compositions of set-valued map and monotone scalarizing function
El-Sayed M.E. Mostafa, Mohamed A. Tawhid
Nonlinear conjugate gradient methods for the output feedback pole assignment problem
Satoshi Suzuki and Daishi Kuroiwa
A constraint qualification characterizing surrogate duality for quasiconvex programming
Mayumi Hojo, Somyot Plubtieng and Wataru Takahashi
Generalized split feasibility problems and strong convergence theorems in Hilbert spaces
Panu Yimmuang and Rabian Wangkeeree
Well-posedness by perturbations for the hemivariational inequality governed by a multi-valued map perturbed with a nonlinear term
Toshiharu Kawasaki
Fixed point theorems and mean convergence theorems for generalized hybrid self mappings and non-self mappings in Hilbert spaces
Ahmed F. Ali and Mohamed A. Tawhid
Hybrid-simulated annealing and pattern search method for solving minimax ans integer programming problems access probability and threshold
Jein-Shan Chen, Chun-Hsu Ko, Yan-Di Liu and Sheng-Pen Wang
New smoothing functions for solving a system of equalities and inequalities
Yina Liu and Zili Wu
Weakly sharp solutions of primal and dual variational inequality problems

Pub. January 30, 2016

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