Volume 12, Number 4, October 2016


Special Issue on POC2014
Words from the guest editors: S. I. Birbil L.-Z. Liao, M. Muramatsu
F. Lu and S.J. Li
Convexificators and strong Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions for nonsmooth multiobjective optimization problems
Jing Zeng and Wen-yan Zhang
Existence and Levitin-Polyak well-posedness for a class of generalized multiobjective multi-leader-follower games
Yong Zhao, Zai-Yun Pen, Xian-Jun Long and Jing Zeng
Lower semicontinuity of approximate solution mapping to parametric set-valued weak vector equilibrium problems
Jun Chen, Wenyu Sun, Raimundo J.B. de Sampaio and Jinyun Yuan
A modified filter retrospective trust region method for unconstrained optimization
Jie Sun and Wanli Yang
Optimal control of the FitzHugh-Nagumo neurons systems in general form
Shunfu Jin, Wuyi Yue and Gang Li
Stochastic model and system optimization for a channel aggregation strategy in cognitive radio networks
S. Deng
New characterizations of exact regularization of non-convex programs
Regular Papers
Najla Altwaijry, Souhail Chebbi, and Hong-Kun Xu
Properties and splitting method for the p-elastic net
Árpád Burmen and Tadej Tuma
Generating poll directions for mesh adaptive direct search with realizations of a uniformly distributed random orthogonal matrix
Phung M. Duc, Le D. Muu and Nguyen V. Quy
Solution-existence and algorithms with their convergence rate for strongly pseudomonotone equilibrium problems
P. Kaelo
A hybrid nonlinear conjugate gradient method for unconstrained optimization problems
Yongchao Liu and Yan-Chao Liang
Stability analysis of stochastic multiobjective optimization problems with complementarity constraints
    The 10th Anniversary Conference on
Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis
July 4-8(9) at Chitose City Cultural Center Hokkaido, Japan
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Pub. April 30, 2016

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