Volume 13, Number 4, 2017

Special Issue on OCA 2015-Part I

X.Z. Cai, L. Li, M. El Ghami, T. Steihaug and G.Q. Wang
A new parametric kernel function yielding the best known iteration bounds of interior-point methods for the Cartesian P*(κ)$-SCLCP
Wei Li, Xing Wang, Xue-song Li and Nan-jing Huang
A class of differential inverse mixed variational inequalities in finite dimensional spaces
Xian-Jun Long, Zai-Yun Peng, Xiang-Kai Sun and Xiao-Bing Li
Generic stability of the solution mapping for semi-infinite vector optimization problems in Banach spaces
Zai-Yun Peng, Zhi Lin, Xiang-Kai Sun and Qi-Lin Wang
Characterizations of semicontinuity of generalized approximate Ky Fan's points
Xiang-kai Sun, Xiao-bing Li, Xian-Jun Long and Zai-yun Peng
On robust approximate optimal solutions for uncertain convex optimization and applications to multi-objective optimization
Regular Papers
Hui-Ping Cao and Dong-Hui Li
Adjoint Broyden methods for symmetric nonlinear equations
Zehui Jia and Xingju Cai
A relaxation of the parameter in the forward-backward splitting method
R. Louisa Andriamasy, W. Briec and B. Solonandrasana
Tropical production technologies
Francisca Miguel and Trinidad Gömez
Decomposition-based approaches for multiobjective composite systems
Lei Zhang and Bin Liu
Optimal control problems for the viscous modified Novikov equation

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