Volume 14, Number 3, 2018

M.J. Canovas, J. Parra and F.J. Toledo
Lipschitz modulus of fully perturbed linear programs

Xin-He Miao, Yue Lu and Jein-Shan Chen
From symmetric cone optimization to nonsymmetric cone optimization: Spectral decomposition, nonsmooth analysis, and projections onto nonsymmetric cones

Caifang Wang
Finding convex continuous function from an accelerated subgradient projector in Euclidean space

Marius Durea and Elena-Andreea Florea
Calculus of some higher-order derivatives for set-valued mappings and applications to generalized vector optimization

S. Hassani and M.A. Mammadov
Optimality conditions in infinite horizon optimization by contingent derivative

Hongwei Liang, Zhongping Wan, Qilong He
Sensitivity for second-order composed contingent derivatives under Benson proper efficiency

Xueyong Wang, Haibin Chen and Yiju Wang
On the solution existence of Cauchy tensor variational inequality problems

Ke Guo, Deren Han and Tingting Wu
Convergence of ADMM for optimization problems with nonseparable nonconvex objective and linear constraints

M. Tao
On the convergence of alternating direction method multipliers with larger step size than Glowinski's

Hongwei Yue, Li-Zhi Liao and Xun Qian
Two interior point continuous trajectory models for convex quadratic programming with bound constraints

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