Volume 14, Number 4, 2018

Z. Akbari, M. Reza Peyghami and R. Yousefpour
A new nonsmooth trust-region method equipped with a line search for minimizing locally Lipschitz functions

Haiyan Liu, Yuping Wang, Xiao-Zhi Gao, Chuangyin Dang and Zhiqing Meng
A parameter free filled function method for global optimization

Pham Thi Hoai, Le Dung Muu and Tran Ngoc Thang
Optimization over the efficient set of multiple objective discrete programs using the edgeworth-pareto hull in outcome space

Jen-Yen Lin, Ming-Jong Yao and Yi-Hua Chu
Solving the optimal resource allocation in multimodal stochastic activity networks using an optimal computing budget allocation technique

Saeed Rezaee and Saman Babaie--Kafaki
An adaptive retrospective trust region method based on a hybridization of the monotone and nonmonotone aspects

Jingyong Tang, Jinchuan Zhou and Liang Fang
An improved smoothing algorithm based on a regularized CHKS smoothing function for the $P_0$-NCP over symmetric cones

Guolin Yu and Qinghong Zhang
Completely positive cones as subcones of doubly nonnegative cones

W. Yu, C. Ling and H. He
On the properties of tensor complementarity problems

Li Zhang and Hui Tang
A hybrid MBFGS and CBFGS method for nonconvex minimization with a global complexity bound

Lin Chen, Guihua Lin and Xinmin Yang
Expected residual minimization method for stochastic mixed variational inequality problems

Weijun Zhou and Dong-Hui Li
On the Q-linear convergence rate of a class of methods for monotone nonlinear equations

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