Volume 16, Number 1, 2020

Tadeusz Antczak
Saddle point criteria and Wolfe duality for convex nonsmooth interval-valued vector optimization problems

Jiajin Li, Rui Li, Yingjing Shi and Liang He
Robust fault tolerant control based on ladrc for the quadrotor

Qiang Long, Lin Jiang and Guoquan Li
A nonlinear scalarization method for multi-objective optimization problems

Zheng-Hai Huang, Yun-Yang Suo and Jie Wang
On Q-tensors

Huanhuan Li, Shouqiang Du, Yingxiao Wang and Miao Chen
An inexact Levenberg-Marquardt method for tensor eigenvalue complementarity problem

Ming Huang, Yuan Lu, Li Ping Pang and Zun Quan Xia
The space decomposition strategy to a class of nonconvex constrained optimization

Xue-Ping Luo
P-strict feasibility of equilibrium problems in reflexive Banach spaces

Ming Huang, Sida Lin, Jinlong Yuan, Zhaohua Gong and and Xijun Liang
A VU-decomposition technique for a class of eigenvalue optimizations

Guo-Ji Tang, Ting Zhao and Nan-Jing Huang
Existence results for generalized variational-like inequalities

Liyun Ling, Chen Ling and Hongjin He
Properties of the solution set of generalized polynomial complementarity problems


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