Volume 16, Number 3, 2020

Matthieu Maréchal
A DCA for MPCCs converging to a S-stationary point

Bingzhen Chen, Lingchen Kong and Nana Xu
Smoothing quantile regression with elastic net penalty

Feng Guo and Xiaoxia Sun
Semidefinite programming relaxations for linear semi-infinite polynomial programming

Dong-Hui Li, Hong-Bo Guan and Xiao-Zhou Wang
Finding a nonnegative solution to an M-tensor equation

Fenlan Wang
A combination of linear approximation and Lagrangian dual with a simple cut for general separable integer programming problems

L. Arman,Y. Xu, M. Rostami and F. Rahpeymaii
Some three-term conjugate gradient methods for solving unconstrained optimization problems

Da-Ke Gu, Qiao Wang and Da-Wei Zhang
Robust optimization-based PD feedback controller design for quasi-linear systems: a parametric method

Min Li
A Liu-Storey conjugate gradient method for solving large-scale nonlinear system of equations with global convergence

Wataru Takahashi
A strong convergence theorem under a new hybrid method for finite families of nonlinear mappings in a Hilbert space


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