Volume 16, Number 4, 2020

Suxiang He, Tingting Shen and Jie Zhang
A smoothing method for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints

Xin-He Miao, Yue Lu and Jein-Shan Chenu
Construction of merit functions for ellipsoidal cone complementarity problem

Zhiang Zhou, Xinmin Yang and Wang Chen
ε-Strong efficiency of a set and its applications in ordered linear spaces

Zohre Aminifard and Saman Babaie-Kafaki
Modified spectral conjugate gradient methods based on the quasi-Newton aspects

Charles Audet, Gilles Caporossi and Stéphane Jacquet
Constraint scaling in the mesh adaptive direct search algorithm

M. Bounkhel, Dj. Bounekhel and M. Bachar
Nonlinear differential variational inequalities with nonconvex sets in Lp spaces

Behrouz Kheirfam
An interior-point method for symmetric optimization based on a new wide neighborhood

Nguyen Huu Tron and Dao Ngoc Ha
Stability of generalized equations governed by composite multifunctions

Min Li, Xinxin Li and Zhongming Wu
A refined primal-dual algorithm for a saddle-point problem with applications to imaging

Wenchao Wang, Meixia Li and Haitao Che
A tighter M-eigenvalue localization set for fourth-order partially symmetric tensors


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