Volume 17, Number 1, 2021

Pan Shang and Lingchen Kong
Singular value screening rules for the nuclear norm regularized multivariate linear regression

Naser Osmanpour and Mohammad Keyanpour
An efficient method for non-convex QCQP problems

Weijun Zhou
A projected PRP method for optimization with convex constraint

Kin Keung Lai, Shashi Kant Mishra AND Bhagwat Ram
A q-conjugate gradient algorithm for unconstrained optimization problems

Tao Jie and Gao Yan
Generalized shadow prices in convex programming

Mayumi Hojo and Wataru Takahashi
A strong convergence theorem by a new shrinking projection method for two demimetric mappings in a Banach space

Tran Van Nghi, Nguyen Nang Tam, Vu Tuan-Anh
On generalized polynomial variational inequality Part 1: Existence of solutions

Wataru Takahashi
Two projection methods for solving the split common null point problem in two Banach spaces

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