Volume 18, Number 3, 2022

Changqing Xu
Tensor symmetrization and its applications in generalized principal component analysis

Maryam Khoshsimaye-Bargard and Ali Ashrafi
A descent family of three--term conjugate gradient methods with global convergence for general functions

Aoxiang Chen and Qingna Li
Multivariate series noise reduction via sequential mojorization method and its extensions

Qiao Zhu, Li Ping Tang and Xin Min Yang
A piecewise convexification method for non-convex multi-objective optimization programs with box constraints

Yin-Dong Liu, Li-Mei Wang and Da-Wei Zhang
A parametric approach to design optimized velocity-plus-acceleration controller for second-order quasi-linear systems

Baohua Huang, Changfeng Ma and Yajun Xie
An efficient iterative method for quadratic inverse eigenvalue problem

Mihail Hamamdjiev and Nadia Zlateva
A Clarke-Ledyaev multidirectional mean value inequality for convex functions

Yuan Lu, Jie Sun, Min Zhang and Ying Zhang
A stochastic variational inequality approach to the Nash equilibrium model of a manufacturer-supplier game under uncertainty

Haiyan Wang
Convergence rate of the accelerated modified Levenberg-Marquardt method under Höderian local error bound



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