Volume 18, Number 4, 2022

Special Issue on Hierarchical optimization and Applications

Preface: Rongzhu Ke, Gui-Hua Lin, Jin Zhang and Xide Zhug

Jingnan Chen, Lei Sun and Ning Zhang
Distributionally robust portfolio selection with transaction costs

Yanyun Ding, Zhixiao Yue and Haibin Zhang
An adaptive ℓ1-ℓ2-type model with hierarchies for sparse signal reconstruction problem

Yue-Hong He and Xian-Jun Long
A variance-based proximal backward-forward algorithm with line search for stochastic mixed variational inequalities

Meiju Luo and Gui-Hua Lin
Sample average approximation and penalty method for a class of stochastic multiobjective bilevel programs

Xiuyan Ma, Lili Xie, Ruyu Cheng, Yang Miao and Jiawei Gao
Behavioral models for channel coordination in the supply chain with one-shot decision theory

Fan-Yun Meng, Ze-Hao Xiao and Yong-Hong Ren
Directional optimality conditions for multiobjective program constrained by parameterized variational inequalities

Jidong Meng, Ying Gao and Lin Chen
Expected residual minimization method for the stochastic Stackelberg game problems in supply chain under asymmetric information

Jun Meng, De-Xuan Xu and Nan-Jing Huang
A reputation model with one venture capitalist and two competitive entrepreneurs via stochastic differential games

Leiyan Xu, Rui Shen and Zhiqing Meng
Distributionally robust bilevel programming based on worst conditional value-at-risk

Na Xu, Li-Ping Pang, Jian Lv and Menglong Xue
A second order inexact log-exponential regularization method for mathematical programs with complementarity constraints

Yue Zheng, Zhongping Wan and Jiawei Chen
Pessimistic referential-uncooperative linear bilevel multi-followers decision making with application to water resources optimal allocation


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