Volume 1, Number 2, May 2005
Guest Editors: Takahito Kuno and Shinji Mizuno

Special Issue in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Hiroshi Konno
Words from the editors: T. Kuno and S. Mizuno
Publication list: H. Konno
Alberto Cambini, Laura Martein and Siegfried Schaible
Pseudoconvexity, pseudomonotonicity and the generalized Charnes-Cooper transformation
Jun-ya Gotoh and Akiko Takeda
A linear classification model based on conditional geometric score

Takahito Kuno and Hidetoshi Nagai
A simplicial algorithm with two-phase bounding operation for a class of concave minimization problems

K. Ohbo, M. Tsurutani, M. Umezawa and Y. Yamamoto
Social welfare function for restricted individual preference

Oleg A. Prokopyev, Cláudio N. Meneses, Carlos A.S. Oliveira and Panos M. Pardalos
On multiple-ratio hyperbolic 0-1 programming problems

Phan Thien Thach
Non-discriminating prices in linear programs with a reverse convex constraint

Hoang Tuy
Polynomial optimization: a robust approach

Kyoko Yagi and Katsushige Sawaki
The valuation and optimal strategies of callable convertible bonds

Yoshitsugu Yamamoto and Daisuke Zenke
Cut and split method for the minimum maximal flow problem

Regular Papers
Musa Mammadov and Robert Orsi
H synthesis via a nonsmooth, nonconvex optimization approach

Alexander J. Zaslavski
Existence of periodic minimizers for a class of infinite horizon variational problems

PUB. 19 MAY, 2005

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