Volume 1, Number 3, August  2005
Guest Editors: Satoru Fujishige and Mutsunori Yagiura

Special Issue in Honor of the 65th Birthday of Toshihide Ibaraki
Words from the editors: S. Fujishige and M. Yagiura
Publication list: T. Ibaraki
Adil Bellabdaoui, Antonio Fiordaliso and Jacques Teghem
A heuristic algorithm for scheduling the steelmaking continuous casting process

Endre Boros, Toshihide Ibaraki, Hiroya Ichikawa, Koji Nonobe, Takeaki Uno and Mutsunori Yagiura
Heuristic approaches to the capacitated square covering problem

Corinne Feremans, Andrea Lodi, Paolo Toth and Andrea Tramontani
Improving on branch-and-cut algorithms for generalized minimum spanning trees

Hiroshi Hirai, Kazuo Murota and Masaki Rikitoku
SVM kernel by electric network

Yoshiyuki Karuno and Hiroshi Nagamochi
Scheduling vehicles on trees

Erwin Pesch and Ulrich A.W. Tetzlaff
Scheduling personnel for press machines in the automotive industry

Celso C. Ribeiro, Reinaldo C. Souza and Carlos Eduardo C. Vieira
A comparative computational study of random number generators

Frank Schwartz and Stefan Voss
Management of disruptions in production systems using simulation

Regular Papers
Suliman Al-Homidan
Structured methods for solving Hankel matrix approximation problems

Igor V. Konnov
An inexact splitting method for systems of equilibrium problems
Nobuo Yamashita and Masao Fukushima
On the level-boundedness of the natural residual function for variational inequality problems

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