Volume 3, Number 1, January 2007
Guest Editors: Shinji Mizuno, Akihisa Tamura and Akiko Yoshise

Special Issue in Honor of the 60th Birthday of Masakazu Kojima
Words from the editors: Shinji Mizuno, Akihisa Tamura and Akiko Yoshise
Publication list: Masakazu Kojima
Kazutoshi Ando,Masafumi Tsurutani, Masashi Umezawa and Yoshitsugu Yamamoto
Impossibility and possibility theorems for social choice functions on incomplete preference profiles
Antoine Deza and William Hua
Berge sorting 

Komei Fukuda and Takeaki Uno
Polynomial time algorithms for maximizing the intersection volume of polytopes

Katrin Hauk and Florian Jarre
Linear programs and implicit functions

Rika Ito and Ryuichi Hirabayashi
Design of FIR filter with discrete coefficients based on semi-infinite linear programming method

Masakazu Muramatsu
Towards a pivoting procedure for a class of second-order cone programming problems having multiple cone constraints
Hiroo Saito and Kazuo Murota
Benders decomposition approach to robust mixed integer programming

Ayami Suzuka, Ryuhei Miyashiro, Akiko Yoshise and Tomomi Matsui
The home-away assignment problems and break minimization/maximization problems in sports scheduling
K.C. Toh, R.H. Tütüncü and M.J. Todd
Inexact primal-dual path-following algorithms for a special class of convex quadratic SDP and related problems

Takashi Tsuchiya and Yu Xia
An extension of the standard polynomial-time primal-dual path-following algorithm to the weighted determinant maximization problem with semidefinite constraints

Regular Papers
L. Caccetta, L.R. Foulds and V.G. Rumchev
Models of bridge lane direction specification

A.M. Rubinov and A.P. Shveidel
Radiant and star-shaped functions
Alexander J. Zaslavski
On generic nondifferentiability of maximum type functions at a point of minimum

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