Volume 3, Number 3, September 2007


Special Issue on Energy Models and Markets
Words from the guest editors:  Edward J. Anderson and Daniel Ralph
M. Genoese, F. Sensfuss, D. Möst and O. Rentz
Agent-based analysis of the impact of CO2 emission trading on spot market prices for electricity in Germany
Geoffrey Pritchard
Optimal offering in electric power networks
Afzal Siddiqui and Chris Marnay
Operation of distributed generation under stochastic prices 

Wei Zhu and Chung-Li Tseng
Valuing fuel-switching units using least-squares Monte Carlo simulation approach

Regular Papers
Mark A. Abramson, Charles Audet and J.E. Dennis Jr.
Filter pattern search algorithms for mixed variable constrained optimization problems

Koji Aoyama and Wataru Takahashi
Weak convergence theorems by Cesàro means for a nonexpansive mapping and an equilibrium problem
J.Y. Lin, P. Manyem and R.L. Sheu
Performance estimations of first fit algorithm for online bin packing with variable bin sizes and LIB constraints
Paul-Emile Maingé and Abdellatif Moudafi
Strong convergence of an iterative method for hierarchical fixed-point problems
Zhen-Jun Shi, Jie Shen and Jinhua Guo
Some extensions of the trust region method

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