Volume 4, Number 1, January 2008


Special Issue in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Professor Liansheng Zhang
Words from the guest editors:  Zhiyou Wu, Xiaoling Sun and Xinmin Yang
Publication list: Professor Liansheng Zhang
F.S. Bai, M. Mammadov, Z.Y.Wu and Y.J. Yang
A filled function method for constrained nonlinear equations
Y.Q. Bai, G. Lesaja and C. Roos
A new class of polynomial interior-point algorithms for P*(
k)- linear complementary problems
Kangdi Li, Dingguo Pu and Weiwen Tian
Filter QP-free method with piecewise linear NCP function

Xiaomei Luo and Zhi-Quan Luo.
Joint source and relay optimization for a MIMO communication system

Xiaoling Sun, Shanshan Kong and Duan Li
Computational study of surrogate dual method for multi-dimensional nonlinear knapsack problems
Wei Wang and Yifan Xu
Eliminating duality gap in integer programming via objective cuts
Jiang Xie, Simai He and Shuzhong Zhang
Randomized portfolio selection, with constraints
Xinmin Yang and Xiaoqi Yang
On duality for a class of nondifferentiable programming problems
L.S. Zhang, S.C. Fang and Y. Wang
A new tunnel function method for global optimization
Regular Papers
S. Fujishige and H. Narayanan
Polyhedrally tight set functions and discrete convexity
Gleb Beliakov
Extended cutting angle method of global optimization

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