Volume 4, Number 2, May 2008


Special Issue on Dynamic methods for optimization and variational inequalities
Words from the guest editors: C. Tim Kelley and Li-Zhi Liao
P.-A. Absil, R. Sepulchre and R. Mahony
Continuous-time subspace flows related to the symmetric eigenproblem
Bingsheng He and Ming-Hua Xu
A general framework of contraction methods for monotone variational inequalities
Martin Mevissen, Masakazu Kojima, Jiawang Nie and Nobuki Takayama
Solving partial differential equations via sparse SDP relaxations
Stephan Schmidt and Volker Schulz
Pareto-curve continuation in multi-objective optimization

Lei-Hong Zhang, C.T. Kelley and Li-Zhi Liao
A continuous Newton-type method for unconstrained optimization

Regular Papers
Abdelmalek Aboussoror, Zakia Ankhili and Abdelatif Mansouri
Bilevel programs: approximation results involving reverse convex programs
Walter Briec and Charles Horvath
Halfspaces and Hahn-Banach like properties in B-convexity and Max-Plus convexity
Jein-Shan Chen and Shaohua Pan
A proximal-like algorithm for a class of nonconvex programming
Yu-Hong Dai and Klaus Schittkowski
A sequential quadratic programming algorithm with non-monotone line search
Nguyen Thi Hong Linh and Jean-Paul Penot
Generalized affine maps and generalized convex functions

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