Volume 5, Number 1, January 2009


Special Issue of Nonsmooth and Variational Analysis in Sciences and Engineering (NVA2007), Limoges
Words from the guest editors:  Samir Adly and Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty
K. Addi
On mathematical analysis of a non-regular electronic circuit
H. Attouch and M. Soueycatt
Augmented Lagrangian and proximal alternating direction methods of multipliers in Hilbert spaces.
Applications to games, PDE's and control
M. Bergounioux and A. Srour
A relaxation method for smooth tomographic reconstruction of binary axially symmetric objects

Henri Bonnel
Remarks about approximate solutions in vector optimization

Jean-Noël Corvellec and Viorica V. Motreanu
Stability of global minimum points of lower semicontinuous functions
M. Haddou
A new class of smoothing methods for mathematical programs with equilibrium constraints
Xavier Bonnefond and Pierre Maréchal
A variational approach to the inversion of some compact operators
F. Muttin
Oil spill boom modeling, numerical approximation and contingency plan optimization
Stanislas Ouaro and Sado Traore
Entropy solutions to the obstacle problem for nonlinear elliptic problems with variable exponent and L1-data
Regular Papers
Abdelmalek Aboussoror
Reverse convex programs: stability and global optimality
Michele Leonardo Bianchi
Descent method with inexact linesearch for monotone EPs
Roy Cerqueti
Dynamic programming via measurable selection

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