Volume 5, Number 2, May 2009


Words from the guest editors:  K. Taji and M. Muramatsu
H. Hashimoto, Y. Ezaki, M. Yagiura, K. Nonobe, T. Ibaraki and A. Løkketangen
A set covering approach for the pickup and delivery problem with general constraints on each route
Masamichi Kon
Quasiefficient solutions of multicriteria location problems with rectilinear norm in Rn
Hiroyuki Miyata, Sonoko Moriyama and Hiroshi Imai
Deciding non-realizability of oriented matroids by semidefinite programming

Satoko Moriguchi and Nobuyuki Tsuchimura
Discrete L-convex function minimization based on continuous relaxation

Ryoichi Nishimura, Shunsuke Hayashi and Masao Fukushima
Robust Nash equilibria in N-person non-cooperative games: Uniqueness and reformulation
Tetsuyuki Takahama and Setsuko Sakai
Fast and stable constrained optimization by the ε constrained differential evolution
Koji Tsuchiya and Hiroshi Morita
Optimization by combining experiments with samples of varying precision
Hayato Waki, Masakazu Muramatsu and Masakazu Kojima
Invariance under affine transformation in semidefinite programming relaxation for polynomial optimization problems
Akiko Yoshise
Homogeneous algorithms for monotone complementarity problems over symmetric cones
Regular Papers
D.E. Finkel and C.T. Kelley
Convergence analysis of sampling methods for perturbed Lipschitz functions
Zhifeng Li and Sanjay Mehrotra
An example to demonstrate the importance of using ellipsoidal norm in lattice basis reduction for branching on hyperplane algorithms

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