Volume 5, Number 3, September 2009


Special Issue in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Guang-Ya Chen
Words from the guest editors:  X.X. Huang, X.Q. Yang and X.M. Yang
Publication list: G.Y. Chen
Xun-Hua Gong, Bin Chen and Hua-Ming Yue
Connectedness of the global efficient and the Henig efficient solution sets for the set-valued vector equilibrium problems
Elisabeth Gebhardt and Johannes Jahn
Global solver for nonlinear bilevel vector optimization problems
Ying Gao and Weidong Rong
Optimality conditions and duality in multiobjective generalized fractional programming with generalized convexity

Xuemei Ning and Weidong Rong
A new method in multiple objective programming study and its application in ε-Pareto solution and ε-Pareto saddle point

Guimei Luo and Donghui Li
Robust optimization equilibrium with deviation measures
Yunan Wu and T.C. Edwin Cheng
Benson efficiency of a multi-criterion network equilibrium model
Moon Hee Kim and Gue Myung Lee
On existence of optimal solution for sublinear programs
X.W. Xue and S.J. Li
On derivatives of the generalized perturbation maps
L.-C. Ceng, Q.H. Ansari and J.-C. Yao
Generalized mixed variational-like inequalities with compositely pseudomonotone multifunctions
J.-C. Yao and N.D. Yen
Coderivative calculation related to a parametric affine variational inequality. Part 2: applications
Regular Papers
Jin-bao Jian, Chuan-hao Guo and Lin-feng Yang
A new generalized projection method of strongly sub-feasible directions for general constrained optimization
Jiyuan Tao
Some w-P properties for linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras

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