Volume 6, Number 2, May 2010


Special Issue in Memory of Alexander Rubinov
Words from the editors:  M. Fukushima, C.T. Kelley, L. Qi, J. Sun and Y. Ye
Adil M. Bagirov
Alexander Rubinov - an outstanding scholar
Deren Han, Hong K. Lo, Jie Sun and Hai Yang
Second-order cone reformulation and the price of anarchy of a robust Nash-Cournot game
Evgeny Sharikov
Separation properties via connectedness of topological convexity spaces

Susana Scheimberg and Flávia M. Jacinto
An extension of FKKM Lemma with an application to generalized equilibrium problems

J. Grzybowski, D. Pallaschke and R. Urbański
A note on the dual of the Minkowski-Rådström-Hörmander lattice
Jean-Paul Penot
Radiant and coradiant dualities
Elisa Caprari and Alberto Zaffaroni
Conically equivalent convex sets and applications
Nadezda Sukhorukova
A necessary optimality condition for free knots linear splines: special cases
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber, Erik Kropat, Aysun Tezel and Selma Belen
Optimization applied on regulatory and eco-finance networks,
-- Survey and new developments --
A.D. Ioffe
The principle of Lagrange and critical values of optimization problems
Boris S. Mordukhovich, Dong Wang and Lianwen Wang
Optimization of delay-differential inclusions in infinite dimensions
Mend-Amar Majig and Masao Fukushima
Restricted-step Josephy-Newton method for general variational inequalities with polyhedral constraints
Xinzhen Zhang, Chen Ling, Liqun Qi and Ed Xuekui Wu
The measure of diffusion skewness and kurtosis in magnetic resonance imaging
Regular Papers
T.D. Chuong, J.-C. Yao and N.D. Yen
Further results on the lower semicontinuity of efficient point multifunctions
Lingchen Kong, Levent Tunçel and Naihua Xiu
The Fischer-Burmeister complementarity function on Euclidean Jordan algebras
G. Wang and X.X. Huang and J. Zhang
Levitin-Polyak well-posedness in generalized equilibrium problems with functional constraints

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