Volume 7, Number 3, September 2011


Special Issue on Derivative-Free Hybrid Optimization Methods for Solving Simulation-Based Problems in Hydrology
Words from the editors:  Kathleen Fowler and Genetha Gray
Domenico A. Baú and Jonghyun Lee
Multi-objective optimization for the design of groundwater supply systems under uncertain parameter distribution
J.D. Griffin, K.R. Fowler, G.A. Gray, T. Hemker and M.D. Parno
Derivative-free optimization via evoluationary algorithms guiding local search (EAGLS) for MINLP
Thomas Hemker and Christian Werner
DIRECT using local search on surrogates optimization

Herbert K.H. Lee, Robert B. Gramacy, Crystal Linkletter and Genetha A. Gray
Optimization subject to hidden constraints via statistical emulation

Maria P. Papadopoulou
Optimization approaches for the control of seawater intrusion and its environmental impacts in coastal environment
Karen L. Ricciardi
The effects of large scale variations in a physical model on the relevance of uncertainty in an optimization design applied to a ground water system
Regular Papers
Yasir Ali, Rashid Farooq
Existence of stable outcome in a job market with linear valuations and possibly bounded salaries
Wei Ding and Yi Zhao
An analysis of LS algorithm for the problem of scheduling multiple jobs on multiple uniform processors with ready time
Guang-Ren Duan, Shi Li and Yan-Ming Fu
A method of track seeking control for dual stage system
Ivan Ginchev
Convexity with respect to min-type functions
Caiping Liu, Xinmin Yang and Qiusheng Qiu
Cone preinvex functions and applications to vector optimization
Gui-Mei Luo, Dong-Hui Li and Xiao-Min An
Robust optimization equilibria for bimatrix game
Jiyuan Tao
w-P and w-uniqueness properties revisited
28 September 2011

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