Volume 8, Number 2, April 2012


Carmo P. Brás, Masao Fukushima, Joaquim J. Jú:dice and Silvé'erio S. Rosa
Variational inequality formulation of the asymmetric eigenvalue complementarity problem and its solution by means of gap functions
Deepali Gupta and Aparna Mehra
A new notion of quasi efficiency in vector optimization
Hui Hu
A closedness condition and a second order regularity condition for nonlinear programming

Min Li and Dong-Hui Li
A modified conjugate-descent method and its global convergence

Lixia Liu and Sanyang Liu
A smoothing Newton method for the Cartesian $P_0$-LCP over symmetric cones
Jean-Christophe Pesquet and Nelly Pustelnik
A parallel inertial proximal optimization method
X.K. Sun and S.J. Li
Weak lower studniarski derivative in set-valued optimization
Jingyong Tang, Guoping He and Liang Fang
A new kernel function and its related properties for second-order cone optimization
Fenghua Wen and Zhifeng Dai
Modified Yabe-Takano nonlinear conjugate gradient method
Yanhong Yuan, Liwei Zhang and Yue Wu
A smoothing Newton method based on sample average approximation for a class of stochastic generalized Nash equilibrium problems
Z.D. Zhan, W. Wei and Y.F. Li
Optimal control problem with terminal state constraint on time scales

Pub. April 27, 2012

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