Volume 8, Number 3, July 2012


Special Issue of ICOTA8
Words from the guest editors: W. Yue, S. Wang and N. Yamashita
Jianlin Jiang and Xiaoming Yuan
Minimax location with farthest Euclidean distances
Zhifeng Dai, Donghui Li and Fenghua Wen
Robust conditional value-at-risk optimization for asymmetrically distributed asset returns
Tomonari Kitahara, Tomomi Matsui and Shinji Mizuno
On the number of solutions generated by Dantzig's simplex method for LP with bounded variables

Yujun Zheng, Haihe Shi and Shengyong Chen
Fuzzy combinatorial optimization with multiple ranking criteria: a staged tabu search framework

Gang Xie, Wuyi Yue, Weiru Liu and Shouyang Wang
Risk based selection of cleaner products in a green supply chain
Dongjoon Park and Min Yoon
Optimized confidence intervals on the variance components in a two-factor model with a covariate
Jee-Youl Ryu and Min Yoon
Novel automatic image quality optimization algorithm and system for mobile TFT-LCD applications
Xinli Zhang and Wenyu Sun
Theoretical analysis for optimal proportional reinsurance and investment problem
K.F.C. Yiu, K.Y. Chan, N. Grbic and S. Nordholm
A hybrid design of beamformers for voice control devices
Xiaoqin Wen, Jianfen Zhan and Qiying Hu
Dynamic pricing and capacity allocation policies with price-sensitive and stock-dependent demand
G. Wang
Levitin-Polyak well-posedness for vector optimization problems with generalized equilibrium constraints
Shunfu Jin and Wuyi Yue
IEEE 802.16 with switching procedure and correlated traffic
Regular Papers
Thomas R. Jefferson and Carlton H. Scott
One tailed tests of means for multivariate normal distributions derived by generalized geometric programming
Atsushi Kato, Yasushi Narushima and Hiroshi Yabe
Global and superlinear convergence of inexact sequential quadratically constrained quadratic programming method for convex programming
Xue-Gang Zhou and Bing-Yuan Cao
New global optimality conditions for cubic minimization subject to box or bivalent constraints

Pub. July 25 2012

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