Volume 9, Number 2, April 2013


Special Issue on Equilibrium Optimization
Words from the guest editors: Christian Kanzow and Oliver Stein
S. Dempe and S. Franke
Bilevel programming: Stationarity and stability
D. Dorsch, H.Th. Jongen and V. Shikhman
Local models in equilibrium optimization
F. Facchinei, C. Kanzow, and S. Sagratella
QVILIB: A library of quasi-variational inequality test problems

M. Hintermüller and T. Surowiec
A PDE-constrained generalized Nash equilibrium problem with pointwise control and state constraints

C. Kirches, A. Potschka, H.G. Bock and S. Sager
A parametric active-set method for QPs with vanishing constraints arising in a robot motion planning problem
L.A. Parente, P.A. Lotito, A.J. Rubiales and M.V. Solodov
Solving net constrained hydrothermal Nash-Cournot equilibrium problems via the proximal decomposition method
S. Steffensen
Semismooth Newton method for affine differential variational inequalities
Regular Papers
H. Yamamura, T. Okuno, S. Hayashi and M. Fukushima
A smoothing SQP method for mathematical programs with linear second-order cone complementarity constraints
W. Zhou
A Gauss-Newton-based BFGS method for symmetric nonlinear least squares problems

Pub. January 28, 2013

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