Volume 9, Number 3, July 2013


T. M. Chan, Filipe Alvelos, Elsa Silva and J. M. Valério de Carvalho
Solving two-dimensional bin packing problems with two-stage guillotine cutting by combined local search heuristics
Xiaodong Fan, Caozong Cheng and Haijun Wang
Essential solutions of parametric vector optimization problems
Da-Ke Gu and Ling-Fang Sun
An efficient computational approach to minimum-fuel low-thrust non-coplanar orbit transfer

Lei Guo and Gui-Hua Lin
Global algorithm for solving stationary points for equilibrium programs with shared equilibrium constraints

X.X. Huang
Calmness and exact penalization for constrained vector set-valued optimization problems
Takuma Kimura
Validated solutions for P-matrix linear complementarity problems
Qiong Li
Derivative-free conjugate gradient type methods for symmetric complementarity problems
E.M.E. Mostafa, H.G. Ismail and N.F. Al-Afandi
An SQP augmented Lagrangian method for two classes of nonlinear semidefinite programming problems arising in discrete-time feedback control
A. Ö:zmen, G.-W. Weber and A. Karimov
A new robust optimization tool applied on financial data
Aiping Qu and Juan Liu
A modified CG-DESCENT and DPR algorithm for unconstrained optimization

Pub. July 29, 2013

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