Volume 9, Number 4, October 2013


Special Issue for OCA5
Words from the guest editors: Shengjie Li, Yanqin Bai and Kok Lay Teo
Xiaoqin Hua and Nobuo Yamashita
An inexact coordinate descent method for the weighted l 1-regularized convex optimization problem
Chongyang Liu, Zhaohua Gong and Enmin Feng
Optimal control for a nonlinear time-delay system in fed-batch fermentation
J. Zeng, X.B. Li and X.L. Guo
Hadamard-type well-posedness for a vector equilibrium problem with set-valued mappings

Qilin Wang, Zhi Lin and Xiaobing Li
Second-order optimality conditions of generalized vector equilibrium problems and applications

Bernard Bonnard, Monique Chyba and John Marriott
Feedback equivalence and the contrast problem in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging
Xiuli Xu, Xiaoyan Liu, Wuyi Yue and Ning Mei
Analysis of a fluid model driven by an M/M/c vacation queue
Chul-Woo Park, Min Yoon and Jee-Youl Ryu
DVR optimization technique for 3-phase phase-controlled rectifier
Yuan Zhao, Shunfu Jin and Wuyi Yue
Performance optimization of a dynamic channel bonding strategy in cognitive radio networks
Zhibao Li and Ka Fai Cedric Yiu
A least-squares indoor beamformer design
Xiaojuan Zhang, Yong Wang and Shengjie Li
Coordination of cooperative advertising models in supply chain when manufacturer offers trade-credit
Jen-Yen Lin and Chia-Yu Cheng
Optimal replenishment for EPQ models under conditions of permissible delay in payments and cash discount

Pub. 30 July 2013

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