Volume 21, Number 7, 2020

  Special Issue on FSDM2019, Kitakyushu
(Pub. 21 AUG)
  Guest Editors: G. Srivastava, H. M. Srivastava, J.-C. Yao 
To be continued (Number 8)
Open Jin Gou, Lu Zhang, Haixiao Chi, Cheng Wang and Wentao Fan
A new parallel FRBCS model based on Wang-Mendel and particle swarm optimization algorithms
Open Zhifeng Li and Wenwei Wu
A crackdown on counterfeit model based on ACO algorithm
Open Qiansheng Zhao, Rongrong Jin, Kehui Han and Chunchun Hu
The study of setting floating vehicle trajectory clustering parameters based on SNN
  Sang C. Lee and Heungju Ahn
A new mobile real-time localization system (RTLS) for a following robot application
Open Y. Xia, N. Sun, H. Wang, X. Yuan, L. Gu, C. Wang and Q. Gao
Research on knowledge question answering system for agriculture disease and pests based on knowledge graph

Siyang Gao, Bangcheng Zhang, Jianwei Sun and Dawei Jiang
Research and application of a multi-sensor data fusion algorithm based on an improved back propagation neural network by particle swarm optimization
Fu Zhang, Ke Wang and Qiang Li and Jingwei Cheng
An in-depth survey on transformation of XML into ontology: crisp and fuzzy approaches
Open Lingyu Zhang and Sile Wang
A method of ontology matching based on harmony search
Open X. Yang, L. Zhou, G. Du, L. Wang and Y. Huang
Multi-resolution spatial event prediction via emotional features in social media
S. Du, M. Han, M. Shen, C. Zhang, R. Sun and T. Gao
A survey of ensemble classification over concept drift data streams
Jing Ma, Gennian Sun and Shengquan Ma
An application of intelligent learning model in tourism information based on sugeno fuzzy integral
  Chuan-he Shen, Meng-jie Tian and Yuan-zhai Fu
Analysis of the impact of macroeconomic factors on inter-industry credit risk contagion based on the modified KMV model

  Ming Wei, Bo Sun, Binbin Jing and Wei Wu
Fuzzy chance constrained programming model for demand-responsive airport shuttle bus scheduling problem
Qianguo Chen
A study on the preference of E-learning platform based on data analytic
To be continued (Number 8)

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