Volume 21, Number 8, 2020

  Special Issue on FSDM2019, Kitakyushu
(Pub. 21 AUG)
  Guest Editors: G. Srivastava, H. M. Srivastava, J.-C. Yao 
To be continued (Number 7)
Open Xiaofen Tang, Libo Liu and Qian Liu
A predicting method of pupylation sites from imbalanced training data
Open Shujie Song and Yufang Liu
Application of fuzzy comprehensive and neural network evaluation models on kiwifruit slice drying methods
Open Hairong Wang, Meng Su, Weijun Li and Meng Han
An approach for approximate subgraph matching in domain knowledge graph
  D. Cui, Z. Peng, Q. Li, J. He, Y. Yuan and M. Guo
A cloud workflow scheduling algorithm for multi-object optimization using reinforcement learning
Open Shuwei Jing, Kaixuan Hou, Junai Yan and Zih-Ping Ho
An application of big data mining and fuzzy prediction of total knee replacement surgery patients attributes ---Fuzzy TKR patients attributes prediction

Liwei Wang, Jinyan Cai, Chengzhi Xu and Tao Wang
A new method for reliability analysis of embryonic electronic array
Xuelin Xian
Consumer acceptance and use of virtual reality: an empirical investigation
Open Z. Zhang, G. Cao, X. Li, B. Zhang and S. Li
A new algorithm for traveling salesman problems based on negative feedback ant colony algorithm supervised by 2-optimization
Open Wenshuo Jiang and Jin Gou
Automatically extracting T-S fuzzy models using an enhanced cuckoo search algorithm
Yanjun Chen, Mingyu Hu, Yuantao Xie and Rui Qiu
Claim frequency predicting based on LightGBM
D. Li, R. Zhang, S. Niu, T. Liu, P. Liu and K. An
A novel remote sensing recognition method based on DBN ensemble and D-S evidence synthesis
  H. Dou, Z. Jiang, J. Song, P. Wang and X. Yang
A stable attribute reduction approach for fuzzy rough sets

  Z. L. Peng, C. G. Zhou, L. D. Xing, Y. Guo and M. J. Ding
Dynamic hybrid modeling of nonlinear vibration isolation system based on neural network
Yang Liu and Hua Yan
A credit risk evaluation on supply chain financing for farmers' cooperatives
  Xiang Wang, Jingxian Liu, Zhao Liu and Haijian Dan
Multi-GNSS and ins data fusion enhancement algorithm combined with ant colony particle filteringa>
Han Wu and Junwu Wang
Waterlogging hazard assessment of deep foundation pit projects based on FOWA operator and gray clustering
  Zheng Xiao, Chao Song, Le Wang and Jiayi Du
Sentiment classification through collaborative multi-input and multi-task learning
  Sedaghat Shahmorad, Neda Gossili and Stefania Tomasiello
On a cubic B-splines fuzzy transform based approach for weakly singular Volterra integral equations with proportional delay
   To be continued (Number 7)

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